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It is my purpose to help an ever greater amount of people feel deep joy, prosper and reach their highest level of performance, so they can do and have more of what’s most important to them.


How you feel is more important than anything else. You can only be your best if you feel your best. To prosper is to receive all forms of wealth. Time, energy, money, connection to yourself and others. Peak performance is when you feel inspired, you have real tangible new mind blowing results that make you grow exponentially.


All three principles intertwine and support each other.


High Performance Mindset Coaching brings that together so you can eliminate all drama and pain you have now, and get the exact results you want.


Learn How To Become The Champion Of Your Sport

How To Stop Blocking And Start Magnetically Attracting Your Ideal Partner

Discover The Secret Map That Breaks Through All Your Limits Now

What Darrens Clients Say

"From the very first coaching call, Darren helped me understand how to have an open mindset and how many doors can open when you believe in yourself.

I cannot thank Darren enough for helping me pursue excellence in my skiing, my teaching, my mentality and my emotions and how they affect me and my decisions. 


I highly recommend giving it a shot as I now use the tools Darren has taught me to keep growing my business and culture, leading with compassion."


"Prior to the race I was battling with some injuries and I was mentally struggling with this. Darren helped me by teaching me a number of visualisation techniques. 


I also worked on prioritising tasks I needed to get through and how overwhelmed I would get from this. Darren taught me how to break this down and get a system in place rather than letting it overwhelm me.


I was completely unaware of some of my actions and words I used which were negatively impacting my performance. Darren’s helped me to be performing better not only in my racing but in everyday life."

Ultra Marathon Runner


"I went from feeling like I needed a relationship to appreciating myself and not feeling like I need anyone.

I never thought I would ever get to feel how I do now and become this man.

I am so grateful for Darren guiding me along this journey as I have learnt tools and communication skills that have changed so many relationships, especially the ones with my family.

Through his coaching I have learned how to have healthy friendships and relationships.  I have so much gratitude for Darren."




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