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masterful communicators


Who is this for?


You are a Student of life, A Leader and High Achiever.

You're committed to self-mastery.



At the end of the day you lay down resting your head on the pillow in disbelief.


Feeling that warmth in your chest that only comes from mind-blowing accomplishment.


You have created fulilling relationships.


In your personal and professional life.


You're making a big difference in the world.


If you want this here's how to get it.


Let me tell you a story


Once upon a time I had a dream to create my ideal relationship and purposeful career.


I was in a great job, but I felt trapped.


Because I knew there was more I could do.


I wanted to create more freedom in my life, and the kind of relationship that would be fulfilling to go along with it.


I have both now.


My dream relationship.

I know and act on my purpose.

And I make money with ease doing what I love.



How did I get that?


I mastered communication.


I spent over $100,000 on personal development, and still sabotaged my own results.




Because I hadn't learned the skill of communicating yet.


This affected a woman not feeling safe enough with me to be intimate.


It affected my professional relationships.


I was communicating in a way that was trying to prove something.


I was still trying to please others.


This made me feel trapped and unworthy.


I thought I had a mindset problem.


But I had a SKILLSET problem.


When I discovered the secrets to communicating


Everything changed.

That's why I'm building a small army of men to teach these powerful tools to.


So that you can have the level of achievement and flow that I do


Without sacrificing your fulfilment.


When you have a challenge with someone in your career

You'll know exactly what to say to get the result you want.


When you have a challenge in your relationship

You'll know exactly how to fix it.


You'll have a map that shows you how to stay on track and inspired every single day from now on.


You'll be learning all this when you join


The Masterful Communicators.


The 12 month Mastermind for High Achieving Men.


What's Involved?


- Daily access to a community of like minded men supporting you towards your dreams and desires.

- Weekly mentoring calls mapping out your entire year for success.

- Tools and Resources so that you can prime yourself to perform at your peak daily.


How much is it?


$12,000 for 12 months




For the first ten men who join this mastermind


Your investment is $6000 for 12 months.


AND, I'm going to pay for your coaching until the end of 2022, so that we can create momentum for you before beginning.


That's three months for free.


AND, If you pay the investment in full, you'll get an extra $1000 off.


So instead of $12,000 for 12 months


You get $5000 paid in full


Or $6000 for 15 months Mentoring.


With a saving of up to $8500.


Now this is not for everyone.


This is NOT for you if:


- You don't respect yourself enough to invest in you.

- You tell a story about how you will never be able to achieve what you desire.

- You don't take massive action.


This is FOR YOU if:


- Investing in yourself reflects how much you respect and believe in your ability to succeed.

- You know you get to re-write your story so that you can have anything you desire.

- You take massive action, and respond well to support from others.


What will you learn?


1. Relationship Excellence


This is the system that's helped couples


Deepen friendship

Have more sex

Have better sex

Make more money together

Achieve goals faster

and feel fulfilled in all areas of their relationship.


It's like a cheat sheet for all relationships.


Even if you're single, this will teach you how to become magnetically attractive.


So that you can find your life partner..


You will learn how to connect with her on a level you cannot imagine.




2. The Communication Code


Crack the code to understanding yourself, and everyone.


So that you can get what you want by positively influencing those around you.


Everything starts with communication.


You will learn the system that helps you move into the one percent of influential leaders on this planet.


3. The Inspired Action Blueprint


You will know, and live your purpose.


Becoming the man you've always known you could be.


It will show in the people, places and things that you experience.


Never will you question your purpose again.


This reality is one that you can win without having to feel negative all the time.


Your so-called "problems" will become bumps in the road you effortlessly pass..


You'll keep moving toward greater levels of achievement.


Without losing that sense of deep inner peace you've learned how to cultivate.


Feeling deep appreciation for who you have become.


Because you stood on the shoulders of the giants in this mastermind.


Together we will become the men the world needs to elevate consciousness.


Click below to apply for Masterful Communicators.

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