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Accelerating Your Results - The One Thing

I keep saying to my wife Jess "I'm going to become one of those bird guys when I'm later in my years." Safari hat n' all I'll be looking up the species as it flies by me into the tree.

I already want to.

They're amazing.

Sometimes I sit on the hill that overlooks my neighbourhood and I watch these extraordinary creatures flying wherever they choose.

That day I realised

"They own the sky".

"They're going where they please in an instant."

I have a tattoo of a wedge tailed eagle on my shoulder.

When I was younger my best friend was In a car crash.

Going way too fast.


In pouring rain.

Flipped and slid upside down with friends in the car..

Came out with a scratch and the doctor said he was lucky to be alive.

The car looked like a giant version of an empty soft drink can after you jump on It a few times.

My friend and I sat down after this ordeal.

We knew we both could be hanging out with people who were a better influence for us.

Eagles meant rising above the drama that people try to suck you into.

It was a turning point in our lives to protect who we hang around.

But moreso to understand that you'll become the people you see and hear often enough.

Their results become your results.

If you look at your life now, the good, bad, ugly.

Now picture the people around you.

Notice the similarities?

If you want to change something, and you're surrounded by people who haven't either, you have your answer why it is the way it is.

Maybe it's time to change that.

My program "Excellent You" does exactly that.

We go deep on teaching you how to become that person who has those results you want.

Relationship, purposeful work, health, you name it.

There's an art and science to this.

And I'll show you.

How to think, breathe, move, FEEL like the person who already has the results.

Then it becomes a matter of WHEN you'll achieve what you want, and become that next level version of you.

If you're curious to learn more, click here to connect with me and type "excellent you" to learn more about this program. I'll run you through a quick personality profile that will help you understand yourself and your passions which will align to the goals that you truly desire.

REMEMBER - You have, and will always become who you hang around.

Choose wisely.


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