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How to attract your dream partner

For most of my teenage years and twenties I felt like I was playing catch up with the rest of the guys. Dating girls, sleeping with them.

And part of that was to feel significant.

It was like if I was attractive to the opposite sex, it meant I was of value.

This when on for ages, but then something shifted.

I became more focussed on my purpose.

I began discovering what inspires me, and how I can do more of that.

I created a vision and a mission that would allow me to do that, and impact ever greater amounts of people.

This is when I began coaching and teaching people how to master their health, relationships and most fulfilling work.

Once I'd set out on fulfilling my mission, it was as if, by magic, I met my now wife.

I truly believe discovering my purpose led me to the life I once dreamt of. Maybe you're wondering how you can meet the person of your dreams.

All I know is, as soon as I started focussing on my purpose and stepping into the unknown, that's when mine appeared.

I see a lot of couples spend too much time focussing on each other, and not enough time on their own individual dreams.

When you're growing your own dreams, you tend to grow your relationship and be more fun to be around.

In my case, when I was single, I was always focussed on how I could impress the woman I was meeting.

But once I got clear on the direction I was headed, that all changed. I now was interested in a woman I'd meet, and knew that I was interesting at the same time. It became about finding someone who build a powerful vision together.

A great team player.

If you're looking for "The One", they don't exist.

When you write down your perfect partner, you'll be writing who you want to become.

So become that person and watch your dream partner appear.

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