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The Key To A Strong Relationship

If you want a strong relationship, you must know what your strengths are. A High Achieving couples strength is their competitiveness.

That's how they became so successful as individuals, learning how to win battles. But your greatest strength is your greatest weakness.

If we don't know how to discern between our competitive nature in life, and our relationship, we begin to sabotage the relationship. We take actions because we know we'll get something in return.

We won't let our partner have the last say.

Everything becomes a competition. And whilst competition is so useful, it's not when we think there can only be one winner. How does your partner know they have feel appreciated? What exactly does contribution look like to them?

Do you want your partner to feel appreciated only so you can receive something? This is a relationship that can start to sink at any moment. Instead of competing, when you're collaborating, you have a strong fulfilled relationship. How could you collaborate more with your partner?

How can you include your partner in the important growth conversations? In your business, with your finances, with your children? You both get to want what you want, just make sure each of you clearly understand exactly what that is so you stand united and passionate about what you're building. Warm Regards,


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