My own journey to Self Mastery unfolded as i grew up in a family of 6. 

Having learning difficulties at school, I was given the gift of sport by my parents. I began to obsess with high performers and how they succeeded.

Movement was a form of escapism for me initially.

I had problems learning and frustrated most of my teachers.

However I did meet inspiring teachers, on and off the sporting field.

Once I had left school and began to self teach, I couldn't put books down and began to learn everything I could about what drives human beings to succeed.

After a leadership role in the military I opened my first holistic performance centre under the name of my company "EMB Strategies", strategies to empower your mind and body.

After 2 years of successfully helping hundreds of people feel, look and perform better (even change careers to pursue passions) I decided to begin coaching, speaking and consulting nationally and internationally for the purpose of helping an ever greater amount of people enhance their performance, wellbeing and leadership skills.

I have now worked with individuals of the following calibre: SAS (Australian Special Forces), Royal Australian Air Force, Entrepreneurs and driven high achievers.

I am obsessed with helping my clients achieve results fast, without stressing themselves out in the process.

I am passionate about finding fulfilment on the journey to achieving more.

I have a variety of tools that help my clients achieve this such as tactical breathing, brain wave altering focus drills, emotional intelligence and mental resilience techniques, verbal and physical communication tools that will help you resolve all conflict, upgrade productivity and inspire others to action.

People work with me because they want to find the edge and master themselves.

I spend every day focussing on finding ways my clients can get results faster, have more fun in the process and make less mistakes (I've made many you don't have to)

It is an honour and privilege to act as a guide to point inspiring leaders in the most empowering direction.