My own journey to Self Mastery unfolded as i grew up in a family of 6. 

Having learning difficulties at school, I was given the gift of sport by my parents. I began to obsess with high performers and how they succeeded.

From a very young age I was climbing and exploring everything I could get my hands on.

Mum had to put a spider on the front gate by the age of 2 so I wouldn’t escape and run out onto the street.

Once I started school I had trouble reading, this is where problems learning for me started. I didn’t do well at school aside from sport which I was always good at.


I loved high performance.


Playing games and all forms of sport was fun, but I would get in trouble at school and the teachers would get angry at me.

Then one day I met a new teacher.


I’ll never forget him because he was the person who helped me love learning because of how he treated me.


I realised in that moment the power of great mentors..

He kneeled down in front of my little 1 metre tall, 5th grade self and asked me questions that no one had ever asked, he really listened.


You know how you just feel heard by some people?

My 5th Grade was different in a special way.

Then school continued.


As much as I continued to excel in sport, I continued to fail at everything else.

Since school I constantly pushed myself outside of my comfort zone in sport and high performance.


I succeeded in many of those endeavours, with a strong drive to become a better leader in everything I did.

The belief that I was dumb was still holding me back though.

I came to a crossroads in my sporting career, and decided to join the military to pursue a leadership position.

Within two years I had achieved that goal and learned a lot about being a better leader.


My mental resilience was exceptional in my eyes.

Then I started to get hungry for something bigger and greater than I had ever done before.


An entrepreneurial journey begun.


I started learning more about my purpose.


I spent an entire year, locked up in my small military bedroom spongeing any and all education I could get my hands on to turn my purpose into a business.

And then I decided to quit a safe job I could’ve happily worked in for the rest of my life, so I could start a business with no prior experience.


Most people thought I would fail and that I was crazy.


Family members, friends, and co-workers didn't believe in me, and they told me.


I did it anyway.

On the first day I left the military I’d successfully enrolled students into my business and had a six figure year.

Within two years I built and scaled the business successfully, meeting my future wife in the process.

And then when I had the most success, I felt the most lost.

Shortly after that I had to decide whether or not to keep my first business open whilst living elsewhere.


I got so stressed about it I had a nervous breakdown and cried for hours with my brother that day.

This led me on an entirely new journey, to understand why I’d been so controlled by my success.


In the process I learned that we are programmed to think that we have to struggle our way to success, and that we can only enjoy ourselves once we have achieved certain things.

I learned how to let this all go, and just be happy without the need for the next personal or professional achievement.

Now the work that I do is about helping you discover how to have everything you want, AND have fun while you do it.

Sure we can talk about high performance, human optimisation, business growth, these are all things I’ve achieved and continue to, but what’s more important to me, is that you unlock your ability to make this easy.

You get to enjoy this journey, and when you discover your inner leader, you will.

Results will come easily
You’ll go to sleep knowing you’ve done your purpose work

You won’t be afraid of what other people think anymore

You will boldly grasp your deepest most inner desires, and take action.
You will create your most inspiring reality, and have everything you ever wanted.

I am here to help empower you so you can re-claim and re-connect to your purpose.
If this spoke to you, I know that we were always meant to connect, and I am honoured to guide you with these words, and any other role that I may play on your journey to self authorisation.

I appreciate you.
Trust yourself in always knowing what to do

And if you feel called to connect with me for guidance,

then I look forward to that.


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