My own journey to Self Mastery unfolded as i grew up in a family of 6. 

Having learning difficulties at school, I was given the gift of sport by my parents. I began to obsess with high performers and how they succeeded.

Performance Engineer. Self Mastery Mentor.



I played sport for years to achieve excellence.


My body was performing at an elite level, but I was still mentally struggling.


I thought optimising my body led to a successful life.


I began to realise that couldn't happen until I mastered my mind.


I wanted to be a great leader, but I felt my skills lacked.


I decided to set out on a quest to join the military and become the leader I knew I could be.

I achieved that dream.


But still something was missing..



Once I was in the military, I started to think about how I'd love to have a business and create more freedom.


I felt trapped and limited by the impact I could make on others.


I risked my safe job to start my entrepreneurial journey.


With the help of many mentors I opened a holistic fitness studio.


It was a huge success.


After growing my business to be location free, I woke up one day completely uninspired.


I felt lost and didn't know what to do.


It was then that I began to embark on the ultimate journey.


Pulling back the curtains on the real reason I was here on this earth. It went deeper than my mind and greater than my body.


I was learning what my soul wanted.


Not knowing my true purpose was what held me back from the dream business and life I wanted.


It caused me so much suffering, even when I had the ideal relationship, freedom and money.


My purpose is to dedicate my life to teaching self mastery.


Now I help high achievers discover their unique purpose.


It fulfils me every day.


If you are someone looking to connect to your purpose.

If you want to speed up your results.


I hope you find something useful in my podcasts, virtual workshops and the resources I share.


I hope you continue to master yourself so you can inspire others by the leader you become.

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