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Champions Are Leaders

Most athletes or people who achieve things focus on what they need to do to get results.

Under that is who you're becoming.

I've observed three key identities one must become in order to maintain the standard of a champion.

Identity 1 - The Warrior

I played 500 to 1000 team and individual sports matches. Each of these were battles to me. When I first played sports, I was reactive. I couldn't control my aggression and it affected my performance.

As I entered more "battles" I began to find more calm in the chaos.

This was my mastering of the warrior identity.

The greeks had a name for the most masterful state of a mind a warrior could have on the battle field.

"Atoraxia" Meaning, a state of serene calmness.

My best performances I remember vivid moments where time seemed to stand still.

Loud noises and bodies crashing into each other didn't stop me from relaxing my body.

I envisioned the next play and performed match winning runs.

I only did this after I'd achieved that state of mind in the game.

Identity 2 - The Hero

Once becoming the Calm Warrior, you accept the call to being the hero.

The one who leads by example.

You face your fears of letting people down, and you want to be the person others rely upon.

Now I'm no sporting superstar, but I did accomplish some level of hero because I actively started to seek responsibility that would win or lose us the game.

I was the goal kicker for our Rugby team, and thanks to the goals I scored, it won us the competition.

Identity 3 - Being a coach to athletes, entrepreneurs and driven leaders now, I understand what a great leader is like. I work towards it every day, and can now teach it to anyone, but I didn't see myself as a leader when I was an athlete. I know the mistakes I made.

The leader becomes someone who can hold two perspectives. Everything you need to focus on to perform, and everyone you're doing it for. You realise it's not about you. You're transcending your ego.

This is why the champion mindset can be used not just for athletes. In all endeavours. Who couldn't use the traits above?

When the leader reminds the collective that we are so much bigger than a team. And each individual matters greatly to the example one can set.

There's a ripple effect we all have an opportunity to create for everyone who watches us.

Especially in the face of great challenge.

We can show others how to rise above the spiral trying to pull us into the darkness.

Examples of the champion I use with athletes are: Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Sonny Bill Williams, Lewis Hamilton, and many more.

Study them closely and you will notice the similarities.

This is where the values of a champion become important.'

They're always the same.

For another time.

I'm curious, which of these three identities did you sense had fully embodied?

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