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How To Enhance The Romance In Your Relationship

Photo taken hiking Through the cliffs of Italy's Amalfi Coast. Highly recommended.

Someone asked recently what’s the most romantic thing you’ve done in your relationship?

I remembered some things I’d done that might serve other men (or women) in their relationship.

The moment I truly committed to her, I knew that was it.

I'd found my person.

The unicorn that would always be mine, and at the same time, never be anyone’s.

I’m referring to the freedom that every person in relationship should have.

We can never claim someone as “ours”.

That’s ownership and control.

We need to replace ownership with honour.

It’s the privilege of a lifetime to walk side by side with someone and get let in to what few have access to.


With that said, here are my two most romantic moments.


Moment 1.


This is kind of two, but leads up to the moment.

As I said, when I knew, it felt right to me to ask her parents on the other side of the world if I could ask her to marry me.


So I called them, they said yes, and the secret plan was set up. We flew to Hawaii for a holiday meet up with her family, and had planned to sky diving.


So the whole sky diving pace is in on it, they make sure I jump out the plane first, land so that I can run over to her.


I’m standing holding the ring.

The woman from the front desk of the sky diving centre is holding a “will you marry me” sign.

The parachute is pulling up as her feet are sliding onto the ground for landing.


She sees the sign, cries and nods yes.


Romantic moment one done ;).


Moment 2.


The day we got married we had hired a band to play at the reception.


The sun had set over the view of rich green hills looking out to the ocean.


After our first dance I got up and sang her favourite song with the band.


I’d been secretly practising with them. She did love it, and that’s my second romantic moment.


I write this for three reasons.


I hope the act of sharing it with others is another romantic act of how much I value her, and Us.


I look out into the world and I see intimacy missing.

Countless opportunities to open ones heart, but fear controlling decisions.

Fear of going first.

Fear of what might happen.

Fear of what happened, happening again.

And that’s sad, as well as beautiful to me.


Sad because we could be more connected.

Us all.

Whether in our significant relationship, or with the one who serves us at the supermarket.


And it's Beautiful, because I know that everyone’s doing the best they can with what they have.

When a man or woman has come to me with challenges in their relationships, they’re not intentionally having problems.

they just don’t know any better.

They don't know what to do, or how to do it.

(This is the part where you forgive yourself for when you didn't know how to do better)


When they learn better from what I teach them.

They create a more deeply fulfilling relationship.


Your life is enriched to the degree of unsderstanding you have of your self and others.


How the world reflects you.


How you reflect the world.


If you’re wanting to improve your relationship.

If you're wanting to communicate better.

And connect more.

Or maybe you know someone who does.

Tap that message button and type hello to me.


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