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Death Is A Great Teacher

I think about death every day now.

It sounds so morbid, but it's not.

It's helped me put my dreams into action.

When I was in the military, I knew this guy who was high up in the ranks.

The guy I would need to salute whenever I see him.

Very funny.

Liked by everyone.

Even though he had high status, he treated everyone like equals.

Part of his likeability.

One morning someone from head office comes to see us.

"He's no longer with us" they say.

He'd committed suicide.

With two kids.

I'm sitting there stunned.

The guy making me laugh the day before, was in the state of mind to end his life.

Fast forward the next few days after the funeral and I'm sitting in my car.

Staring out the window in deep reflection while music plays in the background.

In that moment I remember thinking

"It could all end tomorrow, so why not do whatever the hell I want? even if it fails".

A few months after I left the military to start my own business with little to no experience.

I left a safe, well paying job to follow a scary dream, and I succeeded.

My point is this.

I used a sad situation and made it mean that I should do my absolute best even if I'm afraid I'll fail.

I could've thought "What's the point?"

But I didn't.

You and I get to choose what to do with what we see, hear and feel.

I wrote this so that you might stop right now, and choose a new meaning for your experience.

What if that's the seed for something amazing?

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