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How to find fulfilment

I remember joking with my friend "I'm numb on the inside"

We thought that was so funny as we went through life thinking that we had little to do with what was coming our way.

Turns out, we had a lot to do with it.

My seasons of life


Teenage to mid twenties. Partying. Drugs. alcohol. Women. Sport. Seemed pretty good.


Mid twenties to thirties. Join the military, chase my dreams and start a successful business. Get engaged.


Grow business to location free. Start having anxiety over money. Self sabotage and implode the business within months.


Confront fears of pleasing others. fears of worthlessness without achievements or significant amounts of money. Fears of relationships and family.

Spring (Again) Meeting of the mentor...

Free myself from socially conditioned attachment of self worth to money. Begin to embody my authentic self and stop pleasing others to soothe my uncomfortable emotions.

After my mentor teaches me life changing communication tools, I help couples release decades of grief they've been unable to process, go from divorced to deeply devoted. Help parents kids feel safe and sovereign by way of their parents role modelling. Help multiple millionaires resolve their ever present scarcity thinking despite a small fortune.

Autumn (Again)

I've had two kids now, and we're in the thick of it. There is much to learn and there always will be, but there's also much I have to teach from personal experience.

From those moments in which I let the walls down.

And discovered connection I thought once not possible.

I now experience moments of inner peace.

This is fulfilment.

So how do you find it?

Understand yourself and you'll find fulfilment.

This requires a journey of self discovery.

If you'd like to go on that journey, send me a message here.

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