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How to regulate anxiety

I used to be sitting still and start to notice these thoughts that I had to be doing something, that I shouldn’t be sitting still.

it was this scary sense of panic that something was going terribly wrong and I needed to go do something about it.

I would also have constant thoughts about people leaving me.

people who cared about me.

there was no logic to it, I realise now my brain was perceiving the worst and my thoughts were a result of past experiences that I hadn’t resolved.

one of the ways I resolved that anxiety was to change the beliefs I had, the same insightful questions I’ve used to help many people from all walks of life, i used on myself to finally let go of that need to be doing something or constantly trying to prove myself.

to finally experience a sense of complete wholeness and acceptance of me, without the achievements.

I Think the core belief I had was that if I wasn’t achieving something, I was worthless because that seemed to be when I’d truly felt like I had my parents love, which was really just story i told myself.

but that’s the thing, these stories we leave unaddressed can run our lives.

In this video I’ll be teaching you about changing thoughts because they can change feelings like anxiety, but I’ll be teaching Much more.

like how anxiety does benefit us.

click below to watch the video.

if this resonated with you, tell me what you found useful here.

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