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The Power In Suffering

There's this moment in Ted Lasso. A show about English football, with leadership lessons, humour and philosophy thrown in.

One of the characters stands up to his dad for the first time.

Realising how much of a negative influence he's been.

His dad leaves, and he's standing there in the locker room.

His team is watching him.

One man walks over to give him a hug.

The man starts crying.

These two men become very close friends from then on in.

Although this is a fictional tv show, it's exactly what's needed to connect and even lead.

Shared suffering.

We need to suffer together.

It's what bonds us as humans.

It got us through natural disasters, war and whatever coming next.

We suffered through it together.

When you tell your partner what you're afraid of saying.

When athletes go through immense pain together.

When business leaders are transparent about their failures.

We connect deeper.

Because it's relatable.

The day I was at my weakest, my brother happened to be there to hug me while I cried.

That transformed our friendship forever.

The trick is to find who is with suffering with.

And what's worth suffering for.

So for you, who, and what is?

For me it's my family and friends.

And my mission to connect deeper with myself and the people around me.

So that they may also be able to.

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