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Two keys to unlocking & growing in confidence.

Imagine you feel supremely confident.

And every day you feel more and more of that confidence.

As if it's a never ending well to drink from.

It fuels you to take the best action you possibly can.

There's two keys I've found to help you do this.

First you must focus on confidence.

If you don't feel confident right now, you're not focussing on it.

Write a list of all the things that make you feel confident.

Don't stop until you notice your focus shift.

Think of all the things that happened in the past. That you felt confident about.

Everything in your reality was created by choices you made and things you did.

What are all of the good things you've experienced in your life that made you feel good.

You can derive confidence out of creating that.

Now here's number 2.

This is most powerful.

This is the kind of confidence that can't be changed.

Once you have it, it can never be taken from you.






Think about any skill you have.

You do it because it feels good to do.

And the better you are at it

The more certain you feel.

One of the things I do when mentoring awesome ambitious humans like you is help reveal your next big inspiring vision.

Then we can focus on the skills you need to develop to achieve that so that you can growi in confidence every single day.

Because you're now getting better at something, and you're also excited to improve because it's connected to your unique vision.

So where are you competent in your life?

How can you do more of that each day so you feel more consistently confident?

How can you get better at that skill?

Sometimes I was so hard on myself about failures in business, relationships or life, until I realised I had gained skills that can never be taken from me.

Or the confidence that comes with it.

Go get yours too

Because it's worth it.

It's definitely a way of showing that you love yourself deeply and differently every day.

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