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You Already Have What You Need

Searching for the book, mentor, thing so that you'll FINALLY succeed and achieve what you want? That's a way of avoiding what's truly available to you art all times.

What is it? That you TRUST yourself and what's coming through you.

Why else would you have THAT vision that you continue realise and actualise throughout your entire life time.

It's showing you the way to more of that.

The more you trust.

The deeper you go.

The harder you move forward.

You will bend reality to your will. Manifesting is a though and feeling becoming so strong that you create it.

The word is so misunderstood but the point is this.

Give your wisdom energy.

And that wisdom is not something you read out of a book and are repeating.

No, you can't tell me about how you "think" about this.

Tell me what's coming through you.

Forget about what everyone else will say.

That's another way of avoiding being seen.

Avoiding your own power to create at will.

You were born a creator of each moment.

And you can change that in an instant.

Decide how it's going to be.

There are times where I've not wanted to mention the fact that I've cached miserable millionaires who've reconnected with their authentic selves and now been able to continue achieving great things whilst finding fulfilment and DEEPENING the intimacy they have with themselves and others.

I didn't want to mention it because I didn't think I'd done enough to be able to coach high level leaders who are really successful.

That was me avoiding my power and what I have to give to those I mentor. What does it look like to step into your power? What is it costing you to not do that?

How much longer, are you willing to allow yourself to stay where you're at right now? Your actions provide the answer to that. Not what you say.

You can do this.

Trust the vision that's being shown to you.

It is real, and it's waiting for you to take it from thought, to speaking, writing and doing.

I encourage you to say these words "Everything is available to me right now" "I am free to be me, I don't have to be what they want me to be anymore"

I am telling you this is the key that will unlock what you've been seeing.

Only when you allow yourself the PERSONAL freedom to fully express your highest most inspired self, will you be shown the pathway to your external freedom.

The inner world will always reflect the outer world.

I had 4 spots left for mentoring in 2023, I now have 1 maybe 2 maximum. Send me a message if this resonated to connect and see if I can help you create what you want. This world is here for you to shape it.

So stop allowing yourself to be shaped.

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