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I’m sitting by the beach writing this to you.

I woke up and instantly got excited about being able to dive into the creative process.

Not just about writing

About creating my life.

One of the biggest lies we are sold is that we’re not creative

Especially as men we learn how to solve problems, fix things, build things

We get used to being given the creation, and improving it. But holy snapping duck shit was I so wrong.


We are such powerful creators

Just look around and you see the buildings, cars, clothes, anything really.

But not just that has been created.

As we go about our day, we are creating every experience

Our interpretation of the world around us IS our interpretation of ourselves

Which is why we always have the answers within us for what we want to experience instead

But the noise of the outer world can drown this out

The blinding fear of what might happen if we take a step in the wrong direction or what might others think if..

But you can’t get it wrong

That IS creation

Nothing isn’t creating

It has no rules

No locks

No limitations.

So throw the rule book out the window

Drop the need for the keys out of your trap because you are free to choose right now

No limits


You can’t get it wrong.

So these ideas that come to you can be trusted and acted upon.

They are like a warm breeze gently tapping you on the shoulder for a fleeting moment to say

“You can do this if you want, this is why I brought it to you”

And then it’s gone

If you don’t seize the moment.

Why am I talking about this creative process?

Why is this important?

Because it’s the new way of success

We don’t have to push

Those who have become physically and mentally bulletproof have learned to push.

They may even feel very significant because of it.

So they will tell you that you’ve gotta struggle to success

“It takes HARD work” Yes it takes work

But what if it can take

Free flowing

SOUL led

Inspiring work? You heart and soul is not like your mind and body

The mind body does need to learn how to work against resistance

However the heart soul is the opposite

It needs to learn how to LET GO

Why do you think that song “Let it go” was such a hit?

When we let go, we trust that we always know what to do every moment

Life becomes an ecstatic, euphoric wave to ride.

We don’t have mental health problems

We have emotional and spiritual health problems

The mind is the symptom

The unexpressed creative self is the cause

And it’s the gateway to the heart and soul.

To ease and flow and everything you’ve ever wanted.

As humans we have practiced “Thinking about it” a lot.

(Right here, yep, me, first in line to claim this big time).

While we were doing that our creative ability rusted and dried up.

There is a pathway back to this creative skill

It exists in learning why you’re here

What’s important to you

And how is that so clearly showing up that you are doing it every day and not even realising you’ve been inspired this whole time but it’s just been coming and going without control or consistency from you.

It’s why I felt to write this to you

Because I finally understand why I’m here

It’s been a process and I now know how to do it for others as well.


I’m just a normal guy, sitting at a café

Drinking a tasteless almond milk (cringing writing this) flat white

Looking out into the ocean with some ideas to share based on my own personal inspired experience (and this wasn’t always the case)

Just a little nudge for you to trust the ideas you have and turn them into action. PS I am inspired to teach you how to tap in, unlock and unleash your inner leader we’re talking about here. If you’re a man who identifies as a leader, check out the Light Warriors Training coming up July 30th.

10 men

12 weeks together

Exploring YOU.

Your measurable and predictable journey so you can face your greatest fears, be the hero you always wanted, help everyone around you by helping yourself become sovereign. Mental resilience (I’m teaching you what special forces operators and the military taught me)

Emotional strength and conditioning (Become the calm oak tree in the storm, circumstances WILL NOT MATTER, only state of being. You’ll learn how)

Action Spirituality (How to make the intangible tangible. Not just talk about philosophy and feel good, actually bring what you want into physical reality so you trust how this universe works and you trust yourself 100%)

Financial Freedom Unlocked (I’ll teach you how to let go of the scarcity mindset that plagues most people so that you can receive money expectedly any day of the week, at any moment) I wrote you a letter here, click the link to read it.

PPS Feel, think, create, do, have

It’s that easy.

Trust the feeling today.

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