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You are the sum of the 5 couples around you

Picture the 5 couples closest to you right now.

How passionate are they?

How kind are they?

What's their attitude?

how do they work together to be the best role models they can be?

How do they resolve mis-communication?

This is your mirror.

If you want to improve your relationship, find other couples who have a higher quality one.

Every time I've spoken to a man or woman wanting to grow their connection with their partner, they've always been surrounded by couples in the same situation.

You know that saying, you are the sum of the five people you hang around?

Yep, that applies to couples too.

A mentor once said to me that we attract people at the same level of emotional intelligence as us.

The way i see it, I'm looking for someone wiser than me, or I'm taking action to become wiser.

Writing every day is an example of one of these practises.

So who do you know that has those exact results you desire?

What if you connected with them to create a new friendship?

I've always seen changing your environment (which includes the people in it), as the fastest way to create change.

You likely underestimate how influenced you are by those around you.

So why not flip the odds in your favour?

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