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Your Partner Is Your Energy

That intimacy you wish you're having.

The things you wish you would hear from them.

The way in which they touch you.

And the way in which you desire to touch them.

And it's the same with anything in your life right now.

It's not anyone other than you that's stopping it from happening.

If you don't have what you want, you've been getting whatever matches the energy you feel.

Because we don't want the thing.

We want the way the thing will FEEL.

And you can change that right now.

If you notice these things that you don't want.

And then you truly focus on the opposite.

You can begin to feel the energy that you will feel when it happens.


Haven't you ever noticed when you thought about biting into your favourite food, and you started feeling more saliva in your mouth?

Maybe you noticed. it right now.

WHATEVER it is that you're wanting is only showing you how to change the energy you feel.

Take some time to drop into these moments that FEEL the same way you will feel when you experience what you deeply desire.

As you begin to match the energy of it, you will begin to create it.

Remember, everyone is acting out a character that can be changed in an instant if they truly harness the power of what I call, practical imagination.

This means you can choose at any moment to BE the someone who has these things.

And step by step you will create it.

If you're willing to do this, the first thing you will need to do is take ten minutes by yourself quietly with no distraction and focus on exactly what you want, beginning to feel what it'll be like when you're deep in that experience.

This is the first step to changing who you have been BEING you see? Because the version of you that has that new experience, takes the time to themselves to cultivate a more powerful energy through self care.

Because you display more care for yourself, you get that back.

PS I have two more mentoring spots for the year as I'm writing this, and I've just added in person transformational days with me where we can go deeper into you feeling better than you ever have in your entire life. From that place we then wipe the slate clean of everything you've experienced before.

We re-create EXACTLY what and who you desire in your life.

So that your energy matches it.

Remember, everything is energy.

You're constantly attracting and repelling things based on your energy.

We will master your energy game together.

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