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Letting go of who you are

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

If you don't get over your ego, you will continue to stay where you're at.

This means, the things you let get to you, you let go of instead.

The times you could choose resentment (and have), you choose acceptance.

When your heart contracted, you own it.

Feel it.

And let the pain wash over you until it expands.

This is the path of evolution.

Death and rebirth.

It takes courage to constantly do this in your union.

You must be on watch for your seeking reward without labour.

It serves no one.

What can you do to fully open your heart more?

How can you challenge yourself?

Because the greater the challenge

The greater the support.

Believe that deeply.

What if you accept challenges like:

Those conversations you don't like having.

That thing you've been talking about doing for months, years, maybe even decades.

When you just do it, you will be supported.

You can fully trust that.

Perhaps the biggest challenge you could accept, is showing them, and everyone your relentlessly open hearted love.

Show them the way they prefer, not how you like.

This might be the greatest thing you can do for others.

After all, what else has ever been more fulfilling than being of service to others in the history of the world?

There it is.

What if you could be of greater service than you have ever Been today?

Now THERE'S a challenge that'll cut your ego's head off, and replace it with the freedom you desire.

Your spoils and riches will be deeper intimacy and connection with your lover, friends, nature, the whole world.

Most importantly yourself.

That's how you love deeply and differently every day.

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